Mapping Jabal Al Natheif

Dear Team, find here the published book of Mapping Jabal Al Natheif by Arini.

“The legacy of the turbulent nature of politics in the Middle East can be seen in the continuous scores of refugee camps scattered around the area. These refugee camps whether formalized or not are mostly marginalized in their host society. The refugee camps community, crystallizing the geopolitical stakes both on the regional and national scales, is a privileged field of investigation which makes it possible to raise many questions dealing with the relationship between refugees own socio-political dynamic, political factors and most importantly space and physical aspects. …

Mapping Jabal Al Natheef project investigates and compiles data in the pursuit of interventions that are scenario and time based. Considering design as an open act of capacity building, we examine mapping processes as active agents of change. This presents a chance for us urbanists, architects, and designers to understand the spatial dynamics of a community —that evolved to become integrated into the economic activity and into their urban environment— consequently unlock its socio-economic opportunities. …”


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