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“Change is the only constant”.A witness, a monument ,a memento of belonging and otherness in the city of constantly mutating urbanity,among the temporarility of demolition re-construction and construction sites. A struggle to finding one’s concrete monument ;one’s proof of existence in a city built around sum of reactions. The cigarette factory was once a symbol of the industrial Amman and it’s modernity era a monument of modern Amman. Many still refer to the site; where the market is on now, as the old cigarette factory, or (Masna’a Al Dukhan).

-the demolition in 2008-

The public discourse:

While the cigarette factory was demolished the 3-m high concrete boundary wall around it was kept to gate the emptiness inside, until construction of the Opera house starts.

Now this boundary is the edge protecting or excluding the outside world from the sight of what the government labels as informal or chaotic (the Ras El Ein market); I find this element which was kept from the old streetscape will always be a proof of what was once standing here, and its new meaning as a threshold to the “others” representative of all the many intangible boundaries around the city or islands within the city.
 -threshold element as a monument-
 -threshold element as a monument-
 -the inside of the wall,
where the authorities tried to make it more friendly by allowing artists to do art graffiti on-
-the wall from above while approaching the site-
-Reem cigarettes-
Ads for the cigarette brands that were manufactured in the factory, from a 1971 “Al Dustur” newspaper.
– GoldStar cigarettes-
-Sami Cigarettes-

lukas > dina

lukas > dina:

# do you think that spaces have a memory of their former uses & functions — even when all outer signs of them have disappeared?

• the space to look at is the construction site of the new opera house that you guys suggest to work with in amman
• please find 3 „media“ to prove your answer. these should come from 3 different categories: people / public discourse / objects
• please upload your findings to our blog in foto/video/text (whatever is easiest for you) until monday, july 12th.